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Our dryer repair business has an extensive list of satisfied clients in the Gresham OR area.

Our highly trained technicians have worked on just about every mass-produced make and model of drying machine that exists. We are confident that we can handle any dryer repair you throw at us. Whether your dryer is not drying at all, it takes too long to dry a load or it’s not even turning on, we are able to fix it.

Our professional repairmen are quick to answer your call. They will visit at an agreed upon time in your Gresham OR home where they will take a look at your drying machine. They will find the problem and determine what dryer parts need replaced. You will then get a written estimate for the necessary dryer parts and labor rates – both factored by the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide book. The billed amount will be adjusted according to the actual cost upon purchasing the needed dryer parts in Gresham OR.

As a trusted Gresham dryer repair company, we offer transparent billing and communication. Our service is charged one of two ways. If no repair is ordered, you will just pay for the service call expenses. If a repair is ordered, you will just pay for the repair including labor and parts. If you decide to hire us for your required dryer repair in Gresham OR.

We know you will be happy if you hire us for your appliance repair needs. So give us a call right now if you need a dryer repair in Gresham OR and take advantage of our quick and friendly service.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Most dryers contain a hi-limit thermostat. This is a type of safety switch that disconnects electrical transmission with the heating element. This will cause the heater to cycle off, which will lower the temperature. This switch is triggered by overheating. If your dryer begins to reach too hot of a temperature, this thermostat will remedy the problem. In most cases, the hi-limit thermostat is not to blame for severe dryer problems. You can test the hi-limit thermostat by taking out all the wires and using a meter to detect continuity.


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